Strongbox LTFS NAS Gateway

Strongbox LTFS NAS

The Industry’s Simplest Way to Use Tape Storage

The Easiest Active Archive Solution

StrongBox® LTFS NAS enables you to add tape storage to your existing environment so that it appears to users just like a conventional NAS or object store.

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Simplify Archive Management

StrongBox automates all aspects of tape library management. Users experience a standard file system or object interface, exactly like disk-based storage platforms.

Provides True Scalability

Scale your capacity as your business grows from terabytes to petabytes.

Dramatically Decrease Storage Costs

StrongBox LTFS NAS allows the user to immediately reduce storage costs by blending flash, disk, and tape into one seamless storage tier.

Eliminates Vendor Lock-In

Extend your existing storage to add your favorite hardware vendor (flash, disk, and tape) – StrongBox works with them all.

Never Worry About Managing Tape Again

Strongbox manages the entire library system, to support both file and object-based workflows, (CIFS/SMB, NFS, S3 and RESTful API) for simple integration into your environment.

Automatic Data Protection

You will never need backup again. Strongbox ensures data integrity through automated multi-copy policies, tamper-checking, and self-monitoring features.


Works with standard authentication systems such as Active Directory and LDAP.

Bespoke Performance

By fusing high-performance flash and disk with LTFS tape technology, StrongBox delivers the perfect blend of economy, performance and data preservation in one simple solution.

Automated Replication – Touchless Tape

StrongBox can automatically replicate between multiple data centers, for Disaster Recovery and long-term retention without ever having to touch or ship tape.

Dternity Media Cloud (DMC) Integration

StrongBox seamlessly integrates with the DMC for the most secure, cost-effective cloud storage, to simplify data protection, curation, and support for strict data governance requirements.

LTFS-Based Archive

Our commitment to open standards like LTFS ensures your data will always be accessible, available, and fully transportable to other systems.

Optional Advanced Features

Global Namespace

High Availability Clustering

Data Migration through
Ever Green Storage


Data Lifecycle Management

Versioning, Audit and Journaling

Our backup team is thrilled with how easy the system is to manage and how it frees them up to focus on other tasks.

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